Structured Illumination
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Liquid Crystal on Silicon Spatial Light Modulators

Structured Illumination

Our range of optical modulators offer pure phase modulation, high efficiency and are easy to use. Discover the broad range of applications and the outstanding performance parameters which make the LCOS-SLM series a perfect choice for your experiment.


Novel light fields and beam profiles such as top-hat, multispot generation as well as LG-/Airy-/Bessel beams are becoming increasingly important. They are also gaining greater acceptance in applications such as high-throughput laser-material-processing, high-resolution / STED / lightsheet microscopy and even quantum optics. LCOS Spatial Light Modulators allow high quality, fully flexible and dynamic creation of these lightmodes.

We like to show you the main applications fields for spatial light modulators and the benefits they can offer you. For further details please refer to the references of selected scientific publications.


Adaptive optics & ophthalmology


Laser material processing


Optical tweezers & micromanipulation


Structured illumination, laser beam & pulse shaping






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